Animal Control
MIKE KELLUMS, Animal Control Officer
4095 Center Rd., Brunswick OH 44212

If you have lost a pet and would like to feature him on the City's web site and cable channel, Brunswick Area Television would be happy to assist you.

ACO truck

The mission of the Animal Control Program is to protect life and property of the citizens of the City of Brunswick in regards to animal control. This is done by maintaining a humane and orderly control of all animals taken into the care of the Animal Control Officer (ACO). ACOs investigate animal complaints, provide education to the public, enforce acolaws/ordinances pertaining to animals and pets. He/she provides care to animals in their custody and testifies in court as needed.

In 2005 ACO Mike Kellums was hired full time and has contributed to the improvement of the program. A second part time staff person also handles calls for services received from the public. An increase in enforcement action is the most noticeable change in 2005. Totals for years to come are expected to remain along the same lines as 2005. A new Animal Control Building was built in early 2006.

In 2003 the Animal Control Operation became part of the Division Of Police. Numerous changes in the program have been implemented in 2004 and 2005. Some of these changes include report writing, tracking activity by CAD, uniform change and radio assignments. Tracking activity by CAD has allowed the program to become more efficient and accurate.

In conclusion, the Animal Control Program has become a very professional group. In part through the support of the administration and dedicated commitment of personnel to fulfill the needs of the community.

Lost and found animals

What to do if your pet becomes lost:

Surrendered animals


The City of Brunswick has a unique setting with an abundance of wildlife to enjoy. However we do run into situations where the wildlife becomes a nuisance. Through education and management we can control and enjoy our wildlife.

raccoonHelpful tips:

  • Seal off sheds and decks with hardware cloth or chicken wire. It should be installed 6 inches into the ground to keep animals from burrowing.
  • Don’t leave or store garbage outside.
  • Treat your lawn for grubs: they are the main source of food for skunks, and raccoons like them too.
  • Remove any rotten wood from wood piles -- they attract insects and worms -- and keep woodpiles 6" off the ground.
  • Limit bird feeding and clear the surrounding area of loose seed daily. Remember wild animals love a free meal.
  • Make sure your chimney has a cap. inspect the soffit for breaches and repair as soon as possible. Raccoons are known to set up homes in attics and chimneys.


  • Trapping is only a temporary solution, and actually promotes animal activity. Please note according to City Ordinance 618.19 Hunting and Trapping; residents may use their own trap; however they must first notify Animal Control before trapping or could be issued a citation. Please note residents are responsible for their own trap and must follow State regulation 1501:31-15-03.

Sick or injured wildlife:

Animal adoption

Brunswick Animal Control has many dogs and cats come through our system every year. Many are lost and found and are returned to their owners. However some are not and are placed up for adoption. If you are interested in adopting a forever pet, please contact us at 330-225-9111. If we don’t have any animals available we can refer you to a local organization that does. Also check out BAT-TV and the City's web site for all animals available. Brunswick Animal Control boasts a very high adoption rate and the friendliest animals around.